Cost to Rewire a House?

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How much does it cost to rewire a house?


If your house does not have an attic or access to the basement, or has more then a single level, we will need to cut holes in the ceiling to gain accesses. We also cut the walls about 2 feet up from the floor to gain access to the wall plugs.


The cost of a total house rewire will depend on these factors:

  • Location where you live
  • How large your property is
  • Will the house be empty or full of possessions?
  • What about repair work to the plaster/walls etc?
  • The type of finish on the sockets and switches etc


Rewiring a home is a painstaking and time-consuming project that requires a professional, not only in the electrical field, but drywall and taping.


Each house is different. Let us offer you an itemized, accurate quote of your needs.


Please fill in the information and give us as much detail as possible so we will be able to give you the most accurate price.


*Many quotes will require a visit to the property for review.

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